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Lets's Ride!!!


The Wolf River Chapter



Our Sponsoring Dealer

Doc's Harley-Davidson of Shawano County has a flavor unlike most dealerships.  Based on knowledgeable, honest, caring ideals from small beginnings, the experience at Doc's is most rewarding.


The 58 acre facility features roaming buffalo, and an inside critter tour with alligators, crocodiles, a parrot, tortoises, iguanas, a pot-bellied pig, and much more.


Doc's also features performance work in their shop. Doc actively campaigns a Top-Fuel dragbike, so they know how to give your Harley-Davidson® that "seat of the pants" horsepower and make the crisp "staccato beat" a strong Harley-Davidson® should have.


Doc and the crew at Doc's Harley-Davidson® welcome you to a fine atmosphere and genuinely refreshing hospitality to take care of all your Harley-Davidson® needs.  They'll give you more than you thought was possible at a Harley-Davidson® dealership.


Click any of the links below to see more of what makes Doc's Harley-Davidson® of Shawano County so special.



The Wolf River Chapter is a H.O.G.®  Chapter that was founded in 1991. We're based out of Shawano County, Wisconsin and have grown from less than a dozen members, to over 350 members in 2018.

The Wolf River Chapter has meant civic responsibility. Over the years, some important charities have been vigorously and continuously supported, and the Chapter is routinely recognized for our participation. Bell Ringing, parades, animal shelters, highway cleanup and the list goes on.  The Wolf River Chapter has one major charity ride a year in June.  The June Ride is for the Red River Riders, a local therapeutic horse back riding organization for the handicapped and disabled.


Like any family, the Chapter has witnessed many weddings, including some where the couple met through the Chapter. We have celebrated birthdays, welcomed new babies, and mourned the deaths of loved ones, including, regrettably, fellow Members and HOGs.


We have laughed, gambled, skied, (well made believe we were skiing behind a Harley-Davidson® Pontoon Paddle Wheel boat), swam, danced, camped, and played Survivor together. Yes, we sometimes even argue, but throughout it all, the Chapter has grown in the passion and freedom of the ride, having many great times and true riding companions.

For those of you that aren't members but join us on rides to get your WRHC Business Tour Book stamps click on the link below to get printable copies of overview maps to help you locate and plan out the stops.

Inside 'Doc' Hopkins' Museum

Part 1

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